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Brooks Brothers Consulting

Helping community banks increase immediate and long term revenue thru it’s customer facing channels such as the branch network, digital banking, and call center. In addition, I connecting community focused banks to opportunities to righteously and safely invest in low to moderate income areas where they do business!

The Minding Your Business Podcast

As your host Champ'Ron I host one of the most widely recognized and respected podcasts that uniquely explores the intersection of business and lifestyle! Click below to learn more, listen to episodes, and schedule a time to be a guest to share with my international audience of existing and aspiring business owners and workforce professionals!

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The Binge Podcast Network

Along with my partner Dominic Lawson of Owls, LLC and The Startup Life Podcast, we present a platform for existing and new podcasters to network and gain the overall support needed to grow their own shows!

Legacy Living Real Estate Partners

Since 2007 I have invested in the Memphis, TN area helping homeowners who need to sell their home quickly, transparently, ethically, and in an easy to do business with fashion to avoid negative outcomes while maximizing the resources available to do so!

Looking to sell or buy?

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Click here to get a 7 day FREE trial of Propstream! Then it's just $97/mo no contract!

To close deals you need the data. Access to the MLS, public records, create lead lists of motivated sellers, find cash buyers, marketing solutions, and sales comps is crucial! Let's get you started!

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My Books

Investing In Real Estate With Little Or Now Money Down

I learned from the time I began real estate investing in 2007 that understanding the various strategies to acquiring properties is critical to managing risks and utilizing as little of my money as possible in the process! In this book I share from a high level, concise fashion the various exit strategies for success from using private lenders, wholesaling, seller financing, and more! Everything myself and other investors use to help solve problems for others while making money doing so! 

Available in paperback and eBook! 

Legacy Livin'

Legacy Livin' is an inspirational read focused on how each financial, spiritual, and career endeavor that one engages in helps establish legacy that is left well beyond the physical life. Written from the perspective of a young husband and father of three girls, Legacy Livin' is an impactful full contact ride that you can read and re-read daily!

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Rona Proof Masterclass with access to live trainings, repair/offer calculator, contracts, members only channel, and much more!

Whether you're new to real estate or a seasoned vet, this is for you! A $25,997 value for just $1,997!

Access to Tony "The Closer" Robinson and his team to help you

start, grow, or scale your real estate business!

  • Find Highly Targeted Leads

Using one of the best wholesale real estate property targeting software, target sellers with accuracy.

  • Contact Sellers With Ease

Extract seller information at the click of a few buttons and prepare your campaigns for connecting with deals.

  • Master SMS & Connecting To Cold Leads

SMS, with an open rate of over 84% opens the door for more opportunities, and a more personalized experience.

  • Increase Your Odds On Your Offers

The exact, simplified strategy for sending out multiple offers per day, aligning you with higher closing rates.

  • Bullet Proof Your Contracts

Set your deals up for professional, legal binding, bullet proof success with Tony's $25,000 Contract!

  • Become Magnetic To Cash Buyers

Discover how to get in touch with cash buyers and, eager to invest in real estate.

  • Secure Your Deals With EMD's

Get agreements on deals with a cash deposit to hold the deal until the close and securing the funds.

  • Coordinating The Closing Process

Coordinate a high level process and connection between your wholesale deal and your cash buyer.

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