Brooks Brothers Consulting was founded with the driving mission to help community banks increase immediate and long-term revenue through its retail branch, digital, and call center channels. At the very core, my purpose is to share knowledge, experiences, and tools with you that save your bank time and money while maximizing the value you seek. Your team can level up, and I’m here to help! My name is Ron Brooks, Jr. and I want to be part of your team!

My banking experience spans for nearly two decades, demonstrating the capacity to deliver effective solutions that increase deposit balances and product cross-sell ratios for banks. Experience has taken me from branch leadership, relationship management, CRA compliance, business banking, and vendor management from the front line and executive levels. Your company deserves a banking professional who has produced driven and measurable results to financial institutions, both large and small. With my track record, Brooks Brothers Consulting meets those core competences.

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How do my services drive revenue and reduce expense for your bank?

Training & Development

Acquiring, onboarding, and developing talent at all levels helps establish your bank's competitive advantage. I'll leverage my experience and coaching tools to help your teams enhance their performance and engagement with the customer and their careers! By nurturing your talent, you will reduce turnover and convert potential into measurable positive results!

Deposit Acquisition & Retention

In today's banking environment where you're competing not just against other banks but also FinTech and apps such as Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal, Amazon, and more you must have a sound and executable household deposit strategy with checking, savings, CD, and money market products that are presented by confident and knowledgeable bankers as well as your digital presence! Acquiring and retaining deposit balances drives up your revenue per household.  

Social Engineering

Customer Experience

Ultimately, how the customer perceives your bank starts and ends with how they interact with all of your front line channels whether the branch, online banking, mobile banking, or your call center. I will develop metrics and surveys to gain insight from your existing customers and prospects, and tailor that to how your teams deliver top flight service, turning customers into bank advocates!

Team Leadership

The culture that exists throughout your bank is driven daily by leadership. The consistency of how your branch managers coach, mentor, and inspire their teller and sales teams is what drives performance. In my experience having a close mentor to help identify strengths and opportunities and then execute on a level up plan has great economic and socially positive impacts on the bank!

Branch Layout Refresh

What if I told you your employees are the weakest link in protecting bank and customer proprietary information? By not properly identifying vendors, leaving unauthorized people in sensitive areas of the bank, opening bad attachments or clicking bad links in emails, banks lose millions annually along with very bad publicity! You will avoid this! I will test your teams ability to avoid mishaps and write a comprehensive, confidential procedure for your bank!

The days of the old branch floor plan are over! Your customers and prospects deserve a branch location or locations that encourage direct interaction with bankers on your team who can handle their needs and introduce products and services that promote their financial edification. Let's review your floor plan if you're looking to build a new location, rehab an existing location, or if you simply want to give your branch a fresh look!

Ron Brooks, Founding President



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